Dance of the Devil – Democracy shattered mass violence in West Bengal Panchayat Election 2018

Panchayat 2018
Panchayat 2018
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Historically rebel in nature raising the voice against imperialism and fought for the nation in freedom movement that was the cultural Bengal use to be known to the world.

But that royal identity soon becoming an identity of past and Bengal is getting known for all wrong reasons to be ashamed of by any civilized race.

This panchayat election 2018 saw pre-poll violence where almost 40% of seats in all three tire failed to have an election as no opposition were there to file nominations. What a shame for the Panchayat system who won the national award for being best Panchayat system in India by the central government.

People are not at all happy the way TMC and somewhere in very few cases oppositions too traumatized people and snatched the vote.

When people lose right to vote even nominations are not filed where is the democracy standing.

We feel a total recall is needed and once again fresh election must be initiated to restore faith in democracy. This is a constitutional crisis in Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee please look into this mess made by all and most of them are from your team. Either you act or stop blaming Mr. Modi for Gujarat Violence as your Bengal is burning and you can not act like Niro.

Enough is enough a massive development has been done under your leadership there is no doubt about it, but at what cost. If people of Bengal feels that their democratic right has been snatched then no development is good enough at that cost.

Please act before all civilized lose control over the peace and freedom of fundamental rights.

We believe you are the only mass leader who can bring back Bengal to her glory and respect.

Bengal burning and CM is quiet justifying acts of the goons does not look like a well-thought plan for Mission Panchayat.

Please stop blaming BJP, CPIM or Congress for any misdeed or mismanagement as head of state please do your “Raj Dharma”. The world is watching you and our state in inaction. 

Mukul, Dilip, Adhir or Suryakanta Mishra none can avoid the share of violence but the world will look at CM for the law and order. Please do not allow Bengal to burn and devil to lough.

***According to the North 24 Pgs. District Administration Poll % upto 11 am
Barrackpore-I = 24.19% & Barrackpore- II = 27.62%




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