Deoleo bolsters India business with end to end production initiative

Deoleo's Figaro Olive Oil
Deoleo's Figaro Olive Oil
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Deoleo bolsters India business with end to end production initiative

May 02, 2018, India – Spanish multinational Deoleo, the world’s top-selling olive oil producer, today announced plans to innovate and streamline its central distribution systems in India.  The new plans are set to handle all aspects of manufacturing, distribution and marketing of two of their leading brands – Figaro and Bertolli in India under Deoleo India Pvt. Ltd.  

“This new business unit will allow us to manage direct imports into the market and is set to further increase engagement with our partners and national distribution channels in one place” said Chief Commercial Officer Miguel De Jaime Guijarro at Deoleo.  “India is a key market to our business and therefore a crucial investment for the company. It is important to remain forward thinking when it comes to consumer needs related to food and healthy living.  This has been further demonstrated through the increased growth of middle-class households, higher disposable incomes and increased spending power.

Deoleo India is currently setting up channel partners and regional teams for its traditional business and in parallel modernizing and optimizing its online business.  De Jaime highlighted “We will now be independently handling all the facets of business operations in the country, right from manufacturing to distribution and marketing, employing 140 more people, building depots in 4 new locations and strengthening our route to market through direct imports. We are keen to expand our business based on the demand to offer a taste of our Spanish heritage to our growing base of consumers in India”.

Deoleo currently holds 22%[i] market share in the Extra Virgin, virgin and pure olive oil categories in India and Figaro was the first imported Olive Oil introduced to the Indian Market. Deoleo began its operations in the Indian market in August 2013 and the company has worked tirelessly to transform and evolve its distribution channels. This latest announcement highlights the strategic direction of the business, with further plans in place to continue its modern trade channel growth. GDP growth in India is expected to reach 7% in 2018-19 up from 6.5% reported in 2017.  

“We are delighted at the strength of our business operations in India and continued growth year on year” said Deoleo India General Manager Susana Toribio Bustelo. “This growth and investment into the operations side will transform the business across the supply and distribution chain for more effectively and smartly. 

The company remains committed to delivering customers and consumers high quality products and the organization keeps a close watch on all processes from procurement of raw material from farmers to the end produce reaching consumers across the sub-continent. 2018 has already seen 32 award wins for Deoleo Olive Oil brands around the world. 

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