Raj Kundra stole the limelight of Kolkata – Inspiring Raj talked to the young business leaders of Kolkata at ICC meet

The Raj Kundra - ICC Young Leaders Meet 3
The Raj Kundra - ICC Young Leaders Meet 3

He is the self made man one of the most respected NRI business man from UK,He is the Big Boss of Shilpa Shetty yet he his one of the most humble businessman at any scale.

First time we realized that business leaders can have great sense of humor and can crack jokes with his own life yet not to loose a bit of respect and dignity.

When Mr. Keshav Bhajanka stood up and introduced this billionaire with the audience till then he was a successful business leader but he the meet unfolded with the insider news the entire audiance realized how difficult it was from Taxi Driver to owner of Rajasthan Royals.

Yes Raj Kundra unfolded his struggle to the young business leaders to inspire from the core. How his “Posmina Swal” business started and how difficult was initial days with nothing but refusals made him strong from inside.

But he put a caution for all Indian attitude towards deadlines and commitments are not very strong and at times integrity is lagging compared to other countries .

When we asked will Raj Kundra help any young Taxi Driver’s who wants to be next Raj Kundra? He smiled and said well his “Poshmina Swal” must catch his attention. Well many Raj are waiting to get proper help from person like you and we must thank you that you are ready to help. 

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