Manit Singh gets “Gau Seva Excellence Award” – Young Gun shows the way

Manit Singh gets “Gau Seva Excellence Award” - Young Gun shows the way
Manit Singh gets “Gau Seva Excellence Award” - Young Gun shows the way

Manit Singh gets “Gau Seva Excellence Award”

An entrepreneur’s unique initiative to encourage Cow Protection & Cow Service

Campaign to set up Bio-Gas Plants and boost Start-ups & Employment

Kolkata 18 February 2018: Manit Singh, a Kolkata based young entrepreneur who works for the betterment of cows in Kolkata, was honored with “Gau Seva Excellence Award”. He has launched a unique campaign called Vande-Gau-Mataram to save and serve cows in Kolkata. The campaign aims to create positive awareness about the utilities of cow dung and cow urine for fertilizers, organic products and bio-gas, leading to growth in Start-ups & Employment along with service and protection of old and ill cows for the betterment of eco-system. He was the first who started the unique ‘Selfie with Cow’ Campaign in Kolkata.

His team helps to set up many Bio Gas Plants, also provides Cow Shelter and Financial Support to the poor. His team also creates awareness and give advices for utilizing cow-dung & urine for pesticides, fertilizers, agriculture, to name a few which eventually boosts starts-ups and employment.

Manit Singh said, “I believe cows should neither be framed as a political tool nor people loving her be seen as illiterate. Students and professionals should come forward and join the campaign and I will leave no stone unturned for cow service and cow protection here. We wants to reach every corner of West Bengal to create awareness and inform people that “Gau Seva Abhiyaan” is “Gau Bachao Abhiyaan” means “Cow Service Campaign” is “Cow Protection Campaign” and if people really want to protect cows, they should come forward to serve cows first. I will soon launch a Website where people can get information about Organic Products, etc.”

Mr. Asish Basak, Organizer, said, “Our Organisation believes that Social Responsibility should not be limited to just words. We must acknowledge and support different social initiative for the betterment of the society. Organizations like us must come forward to promote such initiatives and support the Activists in every possible way. This is why, we believe, a small token of appreciation will help people like Mr. Singh to work hard and tirelessly in future and it will also inspire others.”

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