Mr. Sohan Roy advised all youngsters that “Make your Passion your Dream” at Indywood Film Festival Day 2

Mr.Sohan Roy Founder Indywoods, Suman Munshi Chief Editor Founder IBG NEWS and Wife of Sohan Roy (L-R)
Mr.Sohan Roy Founder Indywoods, Suman Munshi Chief Editor Founder IBG NEWS and Wife of Sohan Roy (L-R)
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Indywood Film Festival at Ramoji Film City Hyderabad completed second day with colorful activities and profound business interactions.

We got the opportunity to have a one to one interaction with the founder director of Indywood and the man behind the show non other than Mr. Sohan Roy and his wife.

A lot has been discussed about his passion and love for Film it was his childhood dream to be associated with film but he has to develop in his career as a Naval Architect which he has made his core profession.

After making a great fortune and success at middle east in his career he started his journey towards the Film making and business around Films.

Indywood Film Carnival is just a beginning towards the golden path to explore the world of film and film making.

When we asked what should be your key advice to the youngsters to become future leaders of the world of business. Mr. Roy advised few golden rule for success:

  1. Listen to your heart and find the Skills with in you; God has bless each one of us with some quality and we need to develop that further.
  2. Educate and learn the techniques well with out any compromise.
  3. Make your Passion your Dream and Dream Big to be successful. There is no shortcut to success work hard honestly
  4. Be supportive and human in action to all.

A evening to remember through out the life the way Mr. Roy and his wife expressed their love and gratitude is really unprecedented. Down to earth and friendly nature does not come easily after you reach certain height in your professional career but “Roy Couple” are truly “Royal Couple” by heart.

He also added that lots of business opportunity has been created around Film and other sectors during this day 2 at Indywood festival.

The meeting ended with a special invitation to IBG NEWS team. Suman Munshi Chief Editor IBG NEWS expressed gratitude on behalf of IBG NEWS Team to Mr & Mrs Roy for the interview and hospitality given to the entire team.

Report & Photo By: Suman Munshi,Indrajit Mitra & Rajib Mukherjee

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