Kidney transplantation done successfully at Dispur Hospital

Assam - Dispur
Assam - Dispur
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Kidney transplantation done successfully at Dispur Hospital By Our Correspondent

By NJ Thakuria Guwahati & Team from Assam

Guwahati: Assam’s well-known healthcare institution Dispur Hospital has joined the list of successful kidney transplantation centers in India. The city based hospital had successfully conducted a kidney transplantation exercise on 5 October 2017.

The male recipient, 32, hails from Bongaigaon in western Assam, was offered a kidney by his mother with the same blood group and he was discharged after 13 days stay in the hospital after the operation. The serum creatinine of the patient was recorded at 1.3 at the time of discharge.

The procedure was carried out under the supervision of senior consultant urologist & transplant surgeon  Dr PM Deka and consultant nephrologist & renal transplant physician Dr TA Choudhury at Dispur Hospital, informed the city based hospital’s public relation authority Ujjal Saikia.

It may be noted that kidney ailments across the globe have been ranked as the third most fatal disease after cancer and cardiac illness.

Nearly 100 million people die annually because of kidney diseases in the world. In India, over 2.5 lakh people die with kidney diseases every year. The populous nation needs not less than 90,000 kidney transplants annually, where as it can afford only 5000 renal operations in around70 official kidney transplant centers across the country.

“We congratulate the physicians involved in the complex surgical exercise that needs highly skilled consultants, resourceful technical staff with advanced technology, which is now available at our hospital. The healthy post-operation life of the recipient gives us a great satisfaction,” said Dr Jayanta Bardoloi, managing director of Dispur Hospital. He added that the hospital would continue renal transplantation at an affordable cost in future.

Speaking about the country’s kidney-health status, Dr Bardoloi revealed that India had been increasing the number of end-stage renal disease patients, when the kidneys start failing to remove excess waste and fluids from the human body compelling the patients to put on dialysis urgently. He also pointed out that high blood sugar and hypertension are two most common causes leading to kidney ailments.

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