Bengal Walks on Road for Awareness Generation about Diabetes

Bengal Walks on Road for Awareness Generation about Diabetes
Bengal Walks on Road for Awareness Generation about Diabetes

Bengal Walks on Road for Awareness Generation about Diabetes

GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute organised a walkathon 

  • Former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly flagged off the walkathon
  • Galaxy of celebrities have attended for a great cause
  • Mobile diabetes check up vans ‘Heal on Wheels’ will roam around the city
  • Free diabetes screening inside the Hospital premise
  • Discounted investigations for diabetics and women in keeping with IDF’s ‘Women right to health’ motto

Kolkata, 12th November 2017: “Walk Bengal Walk” – the diabetes awareness walkathon hit the road today. GD Hospital and Diabetes Institute has arranged this at 9am today to commemorate the event of World Diabetes Day which is to be celebrated internationally on 14th November. The walkathon was flagged off by Former Indian Skipper and President, Cricket Association of Bengal Sourav Ganguly. It was attended by the doctors and medical employees of the hospital, social organisations, police authorities and many more enthusiasts. Celebrities like actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Arjun Chakraborty, Gargee Ray Choudhury, former National Selector Sambaran Banerjee, Singer Durnibar and Tirtha, producer Pritimoy Chakraborty and many more came forward for the cause. Renowned physician and chairman of the Hospital, Prof (Dr) Sukumar Mukherjee also graced the event with his blessings.

A research done by Harvard Nurses Health Study, shows that up to a 30% reduction in type 2 diabetes was seen in women by simply walking 30 minutes every day.  Even researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) have conducted studies that show that even a 15 minutes walk post meals can regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the chance of type 2 Diabetes. So to get a control over diabetes walking could be very good option and this walkathon will spread this awareness.

“In GD Hospital and Diabetes Institute we have pledged to ‘Care for Life.’ And we take our vows very seriously. Right from the inception, with the guidance of our Chairman Prof (Dr) Sukumar Mukherjee we have tried to ensure holistic care for all our patients. Not only through our advanced diagnostic methods and our trusted panel of consultants but also through various awareness camps and programs both in the city as well as in the rural sector. Our ongoing patient awareness programs in the form of interactive classes in the hospital and workshops in schools have been integral tools to guide people and the society at large to healthier futures. For the busy men and women of today we have quick Diabetes Monitoring Panels that ensures fast and effective screening for people on the go. Our Ophthalmology department has been a boon to numerous diabetics who are especially susceptible to Retinopathy. Our Foot-care department ensures that we can stop people from the curse of gangrenes and diabetic foots that accounts for more than 40,000 lower limb amputations per year in India alone (World Diabetes Foundation),” Ms. Musrefa Hossain, CEO, GD Hospital & Diabetic Institute says.

Last year the event was attended and supported by several eminent members of the society like actors Dev, Rituparna Sengupta, Gargee Roy Choudhury, Kanchan Mallick, singer, Nipobithi, cricketer Sambaran Banerjee and many others. The walkathon had a total attendance of more than 500 walkers which included Doctors, Nurses, teachers, School children, special needs children, parents, grandparents- All joined hands for a common cause. Each of the people in attendance was either a diabetic or had a loved one who was suffering from diabetes.

Apart from this walkathon the hospital also launched a ‘Heal on Wheels’ campaign across the city. This mobile Diabetes Care vehicle is moving around the city and is  conducting free tests for the next one week, doing vitals scan and is trying to create awareness in detection, management and elimination of diabetes. 

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