Bengal CM attacks Opposition over dengue politics – Dengue is less in Bengal compared to other states

Dengue Fever - Symptoms
Dengue Fever - Symptoms
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Bengal CM attacks Opposition over dengue politics

Bengal CM attacks Opposition over dengue politics

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today attacked the Opposition on the dengue issue.

She said, “We do not have a control over diseases. We have to remain alert and maintain cleanliness. We must take care. Chairmen and councilors of various municipalities must visit their areas regularly. Awareness drives must be conducted.”

She added, “Instead of standing by the people at this point of time, they are indulging in politics. Let them share the statistics of the States ruled by them first.”

She stated the number of deaths in 2017 due to vector-borne diseases and swine-flu in different States:

  • Maharashtra – 685
  • Gujarat – 434
  • Rajasthan – 230
  • Uttar Pradesh – 165
  • Madhya Pradesh – 141
  • Tamil Nadu – 120
  • Kerala – 111
  • Odisha – 83
  • Assam – 87
  • Bengal – 34

The CM said that special anti-Dengue drives were undertaken in Bengal since January, or else the casualty figures would have been higher. She also added that Bengal has set up several dengue detection centres.



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