Indian Tiger Census a burning truth – Bengal Govt-conducted tiger census to begin in November

Tiger in the Forest Of Sunderban
Tiger in the Forest Of Sunderban
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Bengal Govt-conducted tiger census to begin in November

Bengal Govt-conducted tiger census to begin in November

India hosting the highest number of Tigers and one of the biggest source of biodiversity in the world. Sunderban of India and Bangladesh is a world heritage site and land of tigers. The Royals of Sunderban are facing almost verge of extinction due to negligence and gross miss management at all level. Corruption and poaching working hands in hand and large section of Indian media is keeping and vigil blind eye on the issue. Last twenty years was horrible misuse of statistics and data to mis represent the ground level facts.

But hope is not over as Bengal government has taken late but effective messures to restore habitat and tiger safety yet not adequate for the cause.Mile to go before we can say yes we have done it.  

A census for tigers and other animals across Bengal will begin this November, to be conducted by the West Bengal Forest Department.

The department recently concluded its elephant census, whose report concluded that there are 490 of the pachyderms in the northern region of the state and 200 in the southern region. Counting of both elephants and tigers is carried out every four years, while for other animals it is done once in two years in the state.

The reason for this census is that the Forest Department believes that there are more tigers and other animals like deer (naturally, since they form the primary prey base of the tiger) than that enumerated under the protocols set up by the Centre.

This programme has been developed by the Forest Department with the help of the Global Tiger Forum and the National Tiger Conservation Authority.

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