African Safari in Pharma World – BasalogOne™: New Diabetes Solution From Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals & Biocon Limited

Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals
Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals
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BasalogOne™: New Diabetes Solution From Abdi İbrahim Pharmaceuticals & Biocon Limited

ALGER, Algeria, August 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry Abdi İbrahim, which has established Abdi İbrahim Remede Pharma (AİRP) in Algeria, continues its activities in the region at full speed. Having put into effect the most up-to-date plant investment in the country, Abdi İbrahim collaborated with Biocon, the leading biopharmaceutical company of the region, to launch the first biosimilar product in Algeria, an insulin market worth 300 million-USD. BasalogOne™ is a type of basal insulin which provides an efficacious and safe control of the blood sugar level for a period of 24 hours with no salient peaks. The product is administered once daily subcutaneously to adult patients with type 2 diabetes needing long-acting insulin for hyperglycemia control, adults with Type 1 diabetes, and 6+ pediatric patients.

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Pursuing the goal to rank among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies of Algeria in 2020, Abdi İbrahim kicked off the marketing and sales of the new biosimilar product BasalogOne™ upon collaboration with Biocon. BasalogOne™, which is administered subcutaneously and maintains its efficacy for a full day, helps control insulin levels without any peaks in the blood sugar level. The product is available for children older than 6, and adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Abdi İbrahim Remede Pharma (AİRP) held product launch meetings in 3 metropolitan cities of Algeria; namely, Constantine, Oran and Algiers. Present during the event were 100 physicians who were updated about the Algerian diabetes market and BasalogOne™.

In Algeria, the number of diabetes patients reaches 3 million approximately. In 2016, the cost of diabetes products alone surpassed 400 million USD, 300 million USD of which is insulin products used in the treatment of 600.000 patients.


What is diabetes? 

Diabetes is a chronic disease that develops in case the pancreas fails to secrete adequate levels of insulin hormone in the body or is unable to use the insulin hormone effectively. The insulin hormone is necessary to transfer sugar from the blood to the cells to be transformed into energy in the body. The global prevalence of diabetes is 415 million patients based on 2015 data. In 2040, this is expected to reach 642 million people. The budget spent for diabetes treatment is 670 billion USD today, while in 2040, it is expected to exceed 800 billion USD.



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