Calcutta Chamber of Commerce hosts a special talk session with,H.E. Mr. Masayuki Taga on ‘Furthering Trade Ties between India and Japan’ 

INDO Japan Trade Partnership - Kolkata10
INDO Japan Trade Partnership - Kolkata10

Calcutta Chamber of Commerce hosts a special talk session with,H.E. Mr. Masayuki Taga on ‘Furthering Trade Ties between India and Japan’ 

20th July’2017, Kolkata

Mr. Dinesh Jain has always been instrumental bringing the cutting edge business scope and meets to Kolkata as President of Calcutta Chamber of Commerce. Today also Calcutta Chamber of Commerce set up a much required discussion on trade exchange between Japan and India.

Exchange between Japan and India is said to have begun in the 6th century when Buddhism was introduced to Japan. Indian culture, filtered through Buddhism, has had a great impact on Japanese culture, and this is the source of the Japanese people’s sense of closeness to India. India Japan Trade Relations is as old as post world war II era. The trade relations between India and Japan flourished after the establishment of diplomatic ties, especially after the World War II. Who can forget relation of our own Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and his INA and support of Japan for our freedom struggle.

The present robust economic growth of India got caught on Japanese investment radar. As a result of good India Japan Trade Relations, Japan has now turned up as the third-largest FDI facilitator in to India.  

Hence the President of Calcutta Chamber of Commerce Mr. Dinesh Jain took this opportunity to curate a Talk Session with His Excellency Mr. Masayuki Taga  Consul General of Japan, Kolkata himself, propagating knowledge on the agenda of ‘Furthering Trade Ties between India and Japan’. Also present at the session were State’s top business leaders, leaders of civil society and senior members of the diplomatic core whose presence added special meaning to this occasion.

Stressing much on the emerging bilateral trade trends of the two powerhouses of the world India and Japan the session commenced with an opening speech by Mr. Dinesh Jain, “The Calcutta Chamber of Commerce is the vanguard of development in trade and commerce serving since 186 years. Through our programs we enable groups of academicians, professionals, bureaucrats, statesmen and businessmen to indulge in a regular practice of exchanging thoughts and ideas involving current socio-economic & political scenarios.

As CCC believe discussions and dialogues lead to enhancement and resolution of self and the country. India’s relation with Japan has now expanded to a wide range of areas including foreign policy, defence, trade and investment, science and technology, cultural and people-to-people exchanges.

India is a major recipient of Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) and has also attracted significant investment from Japan. The number of Japanese companies operating in India has also increased from 627 in 2009 to 1,229 in 2016, indicating a significant diversification and deepening of the economic relationship. Under “Make in India” Japan is committed to increasing investment in India by USD 35 billion in the next five years to boost bilateral trade relations . The two nations intend to focus much of this expansion in crucial areas such as science, technology and infrastructure.”

Taking forward the session His Excellency Mr. Masayaki Taga expressed his gratitude for the honor bestowed upon him by the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce and said, “It is obvious, that relations between India and Japan have substantially improved and deepened in nearly all fields.

The constant and frequent exchanges at the ministerial level and between heads of governments, clearly signaling India’s growing importance for Japan and vice versa. In November 2016, Prime Minister Modi paid an official visit to Japan and had a summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe.

This summit meeting was a magnificent meeting that substantially advanced the “new era in Japan-India relations,” and he hoped the two countries would lead the prosperity and stability of the Indo-Pacific region as a result of coordinating the “Free and Open India and Pacific Strategy” and the “Act East” policy.”

While talking to the IBG NEWS team Mr. Taga told that at present though Japan do not have any single point information kiosk at Kolkata but New Delhi , Chennai , Bangalore has one in place. IBG NEWS requested His Excellency to open one Japan Trade Information Center at Kolkata and he assured he will look in to the issue. 

Also discussing the importance for “Japan and India Vision 2025 Special Strategic and Global Partnership Working Together for Peace and Prosperity of the Indo-Pacific Region and the World” a joint statement that would serving as a guide post for the “new era in Japan-India relations.”

ABOUT H.E Mr. Masayuki Taga Consul- Generalof Japan, Kolkata:

Born in Tokyo, Mr. Masayuki Taga graduated from Yokohama City University. In the year 1983, he joined Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. During 1984 to 1997, Mr. Taga served at Embassies of Japan in India, Nepal, Ireland and Southwest Asia Division in Tokyo. Then he became First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in India in 1997. 

He assumed position of Deputy Director (Head of India Section) Southwest Asia Division, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau in 2000 and joined as First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in Pakistan in 2004. Mr. Taga became Counsellor, Embassy of Japan in Sri Lanka in 2007 and then Counsellor, Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh in 2010.  In 2014, he was appointed Senior Regional Coordinator, Southwest Asia Division. Since October, 2016, he is Consul-General of Japan in Kolkata.

ABOUT MR. DINESH JAIN (President of Calcutta Chamber of Commerce):

Mr. Dinesh K Jain, President of Calcutta Chamber of Commerce & MD of AUM Capital Market (P) Ltd. – is a Classic Entrepreneur and a leader with over 35 years of experience in Financial Market. He has led many successful businesses in financial space. He is also a social activist, a writer and a poet. A commerce graduate from Calcutta University, he has a list of degrees adorning his name, starting from FCA, ACS, ACMA, IFRS, M. Com., MA, to LLB, CFP, MBA and DHR. He has been conferred with the prestigious Swami Vivekanad Award for Excellence in Education in 2017 and 2013 Bharat Nirman Award for his contribution to the society.


In 1830 some traders and craftsmen of Calcutta organized themselves to form the Calcutta Trades Association which was a new kind of commercial organization, the first of its kind, not only in the country, but also in the far East. The Calcutta Trade Association was born thereafter, from realization of a handful of businessmen with certain interests and objectives in common which could be furthered by common action.

On the 29th of December 1834, the Association was granted recognition as the first public body with powers to address the Government direct and on the 18th of January, 1883 it acquired the status of a corporate Body immediately following the incorporation of the Indian Companies Act, 1882.

The most distinguishing operational aspects of the Calcutta Trades Association and its descendent, the Calcutta Chamber of Commerce, was its contribution for improving Calcutta’s civic amenities. In the subsequent period, with rapid industrialization of the country, the Association noting the changing context of the Indian economy geared up its activities vigorously with greater dynamism and urged with patriotic adventure the pursuit of a new way of life based on social justice and stability.

The Calcutta Trades Association which was established in 1890, thus assumed the name “The Calcutta Chamber of Commerce” in 1977. It may be recalled with real gratification that this august body had established the tradition over a century and a half to serve the country and the people in material progress and help development of the metropolitan City of Calcutta.

Reported By : Ms. Antara Tripathy & Ms. Merry Paul

Photo By : Mr. Suman Munshi & Mr. Amit Kumar Manna

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