Freedom of Press strangled & beaten up by Kolkata Police – Dozens of media person injured

Press Freedom thrashed - Kolkata 2017 1
Press Freedom thrashed - Kolkata 2017 1
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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A black day in the history of India and specially for Kolkata press after press censorship during emergency.

Kolkata police acted like the barbarians and tried to break the law with full control and sense when the started laathi charge on the media person at Meyo Road Kolkata.

Earlier a opposition led Nabanna Movement was organized and police was over active to hold the people but suddenly without any provocation they started beating reporter,cameraman and journalist at rampart to demonstrate the feudal and fascist ruler kind of attitude.

Even the female and elderly media person are not spared.

We strongly condemn such attack and request the honorable CM to look into the issue and punish the conspirators within the government. Mamata Banerjee must act upon her duty or perform the “Raj Dharma”.

But most shocking fact is that even some leading media did not reported the fact on time and that is a real shame.

Press Club of Kolkata condemn the incident and softly requested government to look into the matter.

Tomorrow a silent march will happen from Academy of Fine Arts to Hazra More near Mamata Banerjee’s house to protest the incident by the media persons.

Some of the images found at WhatsApp Groups of today’s incident. Photo Credit to all WhatsApp Media Friends.


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