CD Release of Bhanga Shanko – A Bengali talk drama by Icche Dana

Bhanga Shanko
Bhanga Shanko

Famous actor and drama personality Chandan Sen,Kajol Sur,Subhasish Ghosh Thakur released a CD named Bhanga Shanko a family drama of three woman of three generation of Chatterjee family.

Bhanga Shanko 2
Bhanga Shanko 2

Bhanga Shanko is written by Sumit Chakraborty,Produced by Ratan Kr. Chakraborty with Kakoli Dasgupta Chakraborty,Surya Kanti Maity,Mita Choudhury,Rituparna Biswas Sarkar,Topesh Banerjee,Minakhi Das, Priyam Banerjee Sumit Chakraborty and Sanjb Sarkar as actor in the play.

Music arranged by Debasish Saha.

This second production of Ichche Dana will capture listeners attention at core with artistic expression at heart.

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