Saptapadi a Bengali & Fusion Cuisine Tour for Taste Buds with Chef Ranjan Biswas

Saptapadi - A Bengali Delight 5
Saptapadi - A Bengali Delight 5
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If you are Bengali or love to taste different specialties of Bengali Cuisine then look no further Saptapadi – (সপ্তপদী) is the ultimate destination for your seven course tour of taste buds. Chef Ranjan Biswas and his partner has created a nostalgic joint for Bengali Foodies.

Uttam Suchitra in a backdrop of evergreen classic Saptapadi is a perfect place for romancing with yourself and your nostalgia.

No matter weather you are in your 20’s or in your ripe old 80’s you will enjoy the ambiance and foods with your romantic partner or family. Not at all a offbeat place for first time business meets either.

Chef Ranjan explained that Saptapadi is two way linked here one a nostalgia for Bengali Silver Screen idols on the other had Seven types of foods on the platter.

A super fine quality of foods without any too spicy and richness gives you the feel of Mother’s Kitchen kind of traditional Bengali aura while fusion part will make sure you are with the professionals of the business.

Fish and Mutton items are real mouth watering dishes while Jack fruit veg will give a tough competition to the non-veg dishes for sure.

Jhal Muri Crusted Kolkata Bhetki with sour cream,Dab Chingri,Cappucino Mutton Kasha a few fusion delights while Litchi Lanka Drink, Mihidana Payesh,Gandhoraj Caramel Custard and icecream patisapta will make you fall for this humble Chef in Dessert front;he is always ready to help his customers with new concepts of healthy foods.

Saptapdi this Bengali New Year is a must visit place for all. You visit once and will never regret the decision a special celebration on 15-16 April 2017 will welcome you with open arms.


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