Modi Says Long Live Democracy in reply to Rahul Gandhi’s Congratulation

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Congratulation to PM Modi and team for your great show in assembly elections. We the people will always be with you that’s the message from the people of five states as of now. Advantage Modi and his team.

Few points to remember from this great win:

  1. This is not at all an endorsement nor the rejection of Modi policy as a whole as people of India do not vote based on the facts and figures but based on impulse and attractions towards the charisma of the leader in concern. Which Modi had over any one else in the opposition. Modi appeal won not Modi policies as a whole
  2. BJP won Amit Shah won as political manager with precise poll management capabilities.
  3. People moves with the wind not against that in Bengal Mamata and In center Modi enjoying the same power of being in the power. Non has the guts to oppose in true sense nor they want to loose the train for success on the go.
  4. People of India still feel Modi is less corrupt than that of others in the same political scope.
  5. With this win BJP and team will consolidate more for the 2019 show with 2nd term of Modi.
  6. Now it would be more prudent for Modi to take some strong steps as Visionary Statesman rather a political leader.
  7. Congress needs to introspect and squash all leaders including top one to have real potential people on the job. Complete Reboot for Congress is a must.
  8. Now the real challenge will be growth and employment.