Marcus Hiles – Extends His Investment Plans to Houston’s Woodlands and Coastal Areas

Downtown - Houston,USA
Downtown - Houston,USA
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Marcus Hiles – Extends His Investment Plans to Houston’s Woodlands and Coastal Areas


DALLAS, Jan. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Expert developer and investor, Marcus Hiles, has been offering luxury homes to working class Texans for nearly three decades and has since revolutionized the Dallas real estate landscape. Now, Hiles is taking his property expertise and focusing on the areas poised for exponential growth – Woodlands and coastal regions of Houston.

As President Donald Trump assumed office in January, many investors are looking forward to having a businessman in the role of President of the United States. According to a recent Forbes article written by Lawrence Yun, the Chief Economist of National Association of REALTORS, one of Trump’s biggest influences on the property industry could be changes in some form to the Dodd-Frank financial regulation. “A clear positive would be the lifting of compliance costs imposed on small-sized banks. Around 10,000 local and community banks have traditionally been the source of funding for construction and land development loans. With less regulatory burden, these small banks can make more loans and will boost home building activity.”

The growing municipality of Houston ranks as the fourth largest metro area in the United States, coming in just behind New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Nearly half of all Fortune 500 energy companies are headquartered here, giving the city unparalleled influence in the global energy industry. The expansion of the Panama Canal also offers big benefits to the city, where industrial giants strive to beat West Coast competitors in attaining foreign goods. The Port of Houston is the second busiest port in the United States, quickly becoming competitive with the Port of Los Angeles for trade and jobs.

Marcus Hiles is a graduate of Pepperdine University and Rice University with a deep commitment to education. His philanthropic contributions include over $2.5 million donated to various K-12 initiatives, after school programs, and job placement programs. Hiles funded three large Churches in Texas as well as his home state of Massachusetts. Marcus Hiles is driven by his unwavering commitment to create communities and improve the lives of others.


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