Mistry dismantling TATA with Weapons like NANO and Air Asia accounts – TATA Group lost Rs 26,000 crore in mcap in 3 days

Ratan TATA & Cyrus Mistry
Ratan TATA & Cyrus Mistry
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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It was a fairy tale for Corporate Saga when Ratan Tata left the chair for Cyrus an young gun of Corporate world and wisdom of the Old campaigner. But suddenly like any fairy tell old king came back and asked for the thrown prince displaced with disappointment.

But Cyrus Mistry is not like a prodigal hero; he took the calculated war of corporate saga and hits back hard where any corporate dare to venture in stock market.

Yes, Tata Group lost almost 26000 Cr of INR in market caps in last couple of days.

Cyrus took the Nano and Air Asia weapons of MASS attraction for his defense. Long build TATA reputation took a deep dent in the market as claims by Cyrus indicated fraudulent transactions in the book of accounts for TATA. Many even said that Cyrus is unethically disclosing the Facts and breaking NDA agreements as employee.

But few others have said it was obvious when you hit some one below the belt he or she bound to retaliate.

But for now it is sure some front page news from the TATA Mistry war will continue as depression in the BSE and NSE.

As of Now TATA is in driver seat while Cyrus is trying to pull the emergency break to get even with the facts.



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