OMG!! Bahrain proposed Ban on expats playing cricket

Bahrain Ban Cricket for Expats
Bahrain Ban Cricket for Expats
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If the news published on a popular website of middle east are to be believed then NO More Cricket for Kids of Expats in Bahrain. Yes you read it correct.

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Ban proposed on expats playing cricket in Northern Municipality from Bahrain

Extract from the News : Expats could be banned from playing cricket on open waste ground amid claims that it constitutes an illegal gathering, concerns that players could molest passing children and that “people’s lives are at stake”.

The sport is especially popular among the country’s Asian community and it is not uncommon to see amateur games being played in the open, particularly during weekends.

However, the Northern Municipal Council yesterday voted to outlaw the pastime in its constituencies, citing complaints from neighbours.

“I don’t want to say there have been regular confrontations, but a number of people complained about participants taking up car park spaces in front of their homes or blocking their garages, besides making a huge noise,” said council chairman Mohammed Buhamood.

“People are also afraid that if they allow their children to go to the cold store they could be molested whenever spotted.

“The whole situation is beyond control, mainly on Fridays when expatriates have a day off.

“Concerned government bodies have to step in and introduce a system that everyone is satisfied with because without arrangements, people’s lives are at stake.”

He claimed the council was also concerned for players because they rarely wore safety equipment.

“We are not against labourers’ right to play their favourite sport freely, despite it being mainly played without permission on open spaces that are private or government property,” said Mr Buhamood.

“There seems to be a problem determining whether it is a sport or an illegal gathering.

“If it is a sporting event then players are not wearing safety gear, putting their well-being in danger.

“There is no ambulance on site for those who could be seriously injured and security arrangements are not made with the sporting regulator, which is the Youth and Sports Ministry.

“If it is considered an illegal gathering, police have to ask organizers to seek prior permission from the nearest police station.”

The proposal will now be referred to the Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry for review.

It was approved just a day after the Muharraq Municipal Council voted to stop shore-based fishermen casting their lines from locations deemed too dangerous.

The council approved the ban on fishing from bridges and highways due to concerns that amateur fishermen were risking their lives to reach their favourite spots, or blocking other traffic with their vehicles.

***News is from the online public media and not confirmed by Bahrain.Published as it found.***

Source : Mr.Kajal Bhattacharjee, Editor Middle East and USA

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