Saudi Arabia shifting their official Calendar from Hijri Calender to Gregiroan Calender,11 days more work for employees in a year

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World Calendar
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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Arabic world is changing slowly but surely to adopt the global stand point for business and doing transaction with international community. One such effort would be changing the calendar from the traditional Moon based Hijri Calendar to international Sun based Gregiroan Calendar.

In this shift empolyees will have to work 11days more to get a years salary as Hijri Calendar is of 354 days while Gregiroan Calendar is 365 days in a normal year.

Saudi government in a desperate attempt to reduce the deficit in the budget has reduced the salary and expenditure on many front for employees and other areas. Oil price reduction has taken a toll in Middle East economy which is showing many fold effect on people and economy already.

Cost of Visa of any time will also increase as per Saudi Government Plan.

Till international oil politics settles to a stable ground and price is more attractive for OPEC countries this kind of course correction in other OPEC countries will follow.

Reported by : Mr. Kajal Bhattacharjee, Kuwait, Editor Middle East and USA

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