We Had Seen Better Pujos, Chimed Senior Citizens Of Navnir

Pujor Adda At Navnir.
Pujor Adda At Navnir.


It took almost 3 songs for the inhabitants of Navnir old age home, who were gathered on the porch for an adda session by Magma Fincorp, to amplify the murmur but when they did thanks in no small part to the steering of VP, Kaushik Sinha, it frothed with animation.

All without exception favored the festivities of yore – some as long back as 50 years, opining those to less cluttered. While one said “North (Calcutta) even now is still close to similar to their experience, the South has undergone a sea change”. Yet another reminisced about Bishnupur tradition ushering in the occasion by a thundering canon. “May be it’s still there”, reasoned Kaushik. “May be so” – she replied with a pensive nod.

And when Kaushik broached upon food, it really stirred the pot of assertions. Most of them being from Bangladesh – Dhaka, Sylhet, etc. , ghoti vs bangal was no fight for the former. What mattered most was the ebbing of sweet memories, literally – “Amriti of B’desh is not as you have here”. “Oh!, the lalkamal – similar to ladykini – but far superior to taste.

Interspaced by modern songs and oldies, they really had a gala.

This initiative a part of Magma’s CSR activity is being held since last 12years – difference being, idol round-up is substituted with physically more sedate breeze-shootings. And might as well as Kaushik recollected once an octogenarian appointed as a judge during the round-up fainted from the ordeal.

But then, age, as adage goes, is but a numerical.

“Do you like so called ‘band-music’, prepped Kaushik.

“Yes, Yes, Yes”, cackled all, their heads bobbing like gleeful swans.

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