A Heart Felt Teachers’ Day Celebration at Kingston School of Management & Science,Barasat

Kingston School of Management and Science - Teachersday
Kingston School of Management and Science - Teachersday

Teachers’ Day in in India is a great social event for all who ever had gone through formal education in his or her life. A day dedicated for the Teacher Student friendship, mutual love and respect.

A day which gives you a chance to pay back your tribute to the person, who had helped you to develop your life, personality and intellect as a complete person.

Kingston School of Management and Science a part of Kingston Educational Institute is a premier institute in suburbs of Kolkata at Barasat and has many reason to rejoice for its teachers and student along with overall environment.

This year Teachers’ Day was better than ever with new set of students and teachers in action. It was a colorful performance by the students and teachers jointly participating in cultural programs like Dance, Drama, Songs and recitations.

Students organized the whole program with best of their ability and dedication. If you do something from bottom of your heart, its shows in every stages of your action and exactly that has happened here.

The day was also had additional cause for enjoyment as the Secretary of the Kingston Educational Institute Mrs.Uma Bhattacharjee had her birthday too. Students, teachers and members of the management shared the stage to say Happy Birthday to their Dear Madam.

Principal Mr. Dasgupta reminded student about the teacher student relationship with the example of Pakistani Nobel winning Professor Dr. Abdus Salam and his Indian Teacher, Where border can not divide the love between both. While Computer science Faculty Mr. Rajib Sanyal sang a song just like a established professional singer.


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