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'Flavors of India' Food Festival at K19, Park Plaza Ballygunge.
'Flavors of India' Food Festival at K19, Park Plaza Ballygunge.
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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This is a first: food festivals that I’ve covered so far always promoted lunch deals – this one speaks of dinner. And what a diner’s experience it’s going to be!

Extending the independence fervor, K19, eatery of Park Plaza, offers an Indic culinary tour of the country, titled, ‘Flavors of at night. Starting from August 12 one partake a varied but particular cuisine curated from various zones of the country. Thus one day may be full South Indian, next may be Bengali, Goan, Kashmiri and such. “There will be less of regional representation in this particular effort because people of this area are already well acquainted with it”, explained exec chef Jayanta Banerjee. Thus with each night will come a fresh variety – four of veg, three of non-veg, two pulse , two rice, two deserts etc. compounding to a massive 100 plus options in all. The variety will be reflected in welcome drinks as well – a nice detail.

Exhaustive menu includes Kari Sukka, Karamani Vadai, Pudina Kafdal;ai Khuskha from South; Nizami Murgh Shorba, Bukhari Dal, Baghari Sadi Birayani, Sahi Tudka from Awadh; Macher Chop , Murgi Dhonepatar Shaorba, Bhapa Maach, Baked Misti Doi from Bengal and there’s more much much more.

If the tasting session is anything to go by it should hit its mark. Mentions include – Karuvembu Anasi (Pinapple with mustard seen salad, Kerala),Saufiya Paneer Tikka (Awadhi dry fruit-papaya relish), Elumbichi Kozhi (*Sim to Chicken 65 – deep-fried chicken pieces), Pakoda Pori Kozhambuy (Gunpowder onion fritter, Karnataka) and chef’s own invention, Nikuti Cheese Cake.

It may not be a coincidence that stand out of the session, Mutton Pepper Fry (aka Kari Me Lagu – an Andhra prep) was Jayanta’s fave too.

Flavors of India at K19, Park Plaza, Ballygunge

Till: August 21, 2016

Cost for Two – 1299 INR + tax

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