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Human Traffiking
Human Traffiking

Banaras, one of the oldest cities in the world, the religious capital of India, also a city of Sex Trafficking. In this short film by Blush Originals, we hear of infants being abducted, gang – raped and injected with hormonal injections to become commercial sex workers. We hear of helpless mothers and ignorant police officers. We also hear of two people who are fighting the good fight, who will re-store your faith in humanity.

Guria, an organisation that has been wrangling for 14 years to rescue trafficked girls from the hands of the ruthless sex traffickers in the holy city of Banaras.

We urge you to raise your voice against this heinous trade. We urge you to save that one girl child, because she deserves to have a future.

Are we Human or we have lost our senses, please stop such violence at every stage.

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