‘D Major’ Hits A Silicon Chord

‘D Major’ - Film Still.
‘D Major’ - Film Still.

‘D Major’ Hits A Silicon Chord


Silicon Valley is not only inflating tech bubbles it can also fuel celluloid dreams. One such catalyst is FOG Extravaganza 2016, which is a mega event slated to run through 10 days (5th Aug to 14th Aug) bringing over  300,000 people who are expected to participate in multiple events that are part of this gala, including Film and music celebrities and thought leaders from across the globe.

Our very own, Samik Roy Choudhury who had entered ‘D Major’ has been selected for FOG.  His is one of 3 Bengali movies selected for this year’s FOG festival, the others being – ‘HEMANTA’ by Anjan Dutta and ‘DARK CHOCOLATE’ by Agnidev Chatterjee.

Let’s turn to the story –

Synopsis :

chhad00Diya, a girl from the suburbs (Jhargram), sent to Kolkata to acquire a Bachelor degree on Bengali Language, harbours a deep desire to learn guitars secretly. At the university she made new friends, including Suchi of her department) and Manik from Film studies amongst others.

They come to know about her aspirations and helps her to get a guitar teacher. The first teacher (Ron) who himself was an amateur actually misguided her towards addiction and drugs. Eventually she went to several teachers who either dragged her to immature politics or molested her sexually. As failure came she went deeper into drugs. Her best friends  (Suchi and Manik) tried for one last time to make her a student of an old Jazz guitarist. But the irony of fate came as the death of the old guitarist on the very first day she was about to attend his class. Drowned in addiction Diya took wrong turns to buy her increased daily doses. Suchi or Manik couldn’t control her. Out of control Diya had to be hospitalized after an almost fatal overdose. She was taken back to her home where she suffers of withdrawal syndrome. Decision was taken by her parent that she had to get admitted to a rehab.

The film ends with an unusual wrench in the story telling. (Suddenly on a scene where she was forcefully carried to the rehab, a wrench reveals that the whole film was actually being shot by Manik. It was a film making on Diya’s real life story. The deal was that Manik would teach Diya how to play guitar if she agrees to play the character role which was based on her life.) The film ends on a philosophical note that “We only have two lives, but we realize that when we are just left with one to do something worthy in our life.” and the sweet chord of D major.

“D Major” Credit Roll:

Runtime : 82 minutes

Genre : Drama (Indie)

Country : India

Language : Bengali

Type : Feature

Writer, Director : Samik Roy Choudhury

Producers : Shivanggi Choudhury & Samik Roy Choudhury

DOP: Prosenjit Koley & Samik

Editor : Sanglap Bhowmik (AJC, Babar naam Gandhiji, Egaro, 89, Crossing bridges [National Award winner], Cholai)

Sound : Ayan Bhattacharya(National Award winner) & Sujoy Das

Music : Samik – Kunaal (Dmajor, Aami Joy Chatterjee)

Singers : Timir Biswas, Koushik Chakraborty(Prithibi), Palbasha Siddique (Minnesota), Anny Ahmed.

Cast : Moulika Shajwal, Poulomi Das, Kaustabh Bhowmik, Bidyut Roy Choudhury, etc.

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