Gems of YouTube History revisited – Operation Lalgarh – When the Indian government had to liberate its own land from its own people

Lalgarh - A forgotten past
Lalgarh - A forgotten past
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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How bad can governance get? Bad enough for you to declare independence from the Union of India? At a time when the nation was exporting its soft power image to the international community, a part of India was seceding away from it.

Fed up with zero development and police torture, villagers in Lalgarh area of West Bengal (egged by the Maoists) decided to declare themselves in a ‘liberated zone’ where no govt. servant was allowed to step foot.

The documentary traces how an embarrassed government then tried every trick in the book – finally brutal force – to take back Lalgarh from its OWN people.

If nothing else – it serves as a reminder of how precarious things are and how people’s patience with governance is running thin.

Terror is not a solution for any problem, Arms can not solve any issue or pain.

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