12 Jyotirlinga Darshan with Significance – Famous Shiva Temples of India

Twelve Jyotirlinga - India
Twelve Jyotirlinga - India
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Famous Shiva Temples of India

Somnath temple – ancient Shiva temple Soma means the nectar of knowledge given by Lord Shiva.
Nageshwar temple – Signifies Lord Shiva liberating humanity from the bondage of 5 vices.
Kedarnath temple – This temple in Himalayas Signifies the sweetness of hardships taken in devotion of Lord.
Vishwanath temple – Lord of the world
Mahakaleshwar temple – Shiva Lord of death frees all from fear of death by giving the knowledge of immortality of the Soul.
Omkareshwar temple – Signifies that Lord Shiva is incorporeal so are we the souls, children of Lord Shiva.
Traymbkeshwar – Signifies that Lord Shiva opens our 3rd eye knowledge.
Ghrishneshwar – Signifies the importance of churning spiritual knowledge given by Lord Shiva.
Vaidyanath,- Signifies the form of light the Supreme Soul is the Healer of healers.
Bheemashankar – Almighty who gives power to defeat the enemy of 5 vices
Mallikarjun – Signifies Shiva as Satyam Shivam Sundram – Truth and beauty
Rameshwaram – Signifies Shiva as Lord of Deities – Sri Ram Deity worshiping Shiva –

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