Amazing Facts on Human Body

human bioluminicence
human bioluminicence
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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We all know that Earth is the only planet with existence of life(Till now). We humans are the most common sign’s of life on Earth. We also know that we have the most complex working system inside of us.

So, let’s know some interesting and shocking facts on our human body.

1). Humans can’t swallow and breathe at the same time.When all the other animals can breathe and swallow at the same time we humans can’t do that

2) During the life, an average human produces enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
Imagine two swimming pools full of saliva!

3)An average adult’s skin spans 21 square feet.

4)Our bones are as strong  as granite when it comes to the term to support the weight of the body.

5)Our stomach acid i.e. hydrochloric acid is so powerful that it can even dissolve razor blades. But don’t try to swallow one!

6)Eating the boogers in your nose may actually help boost your immune system.But still it’s gross.

7)Your body shrinks by 1 cm when you go to sleep.

8) The human body is bio-luminescent! Yes, humans glow in the dark. But the light we emit is too low to be seen by our own naked eye.

9)Your belly button has 65 kinds of bacteria living under your skin

10)Be ready for the shocking news! The human body has several potentially unneeded parts. You can survive with no stomach, appendix, gall bladder, spleen, and reproductive organs. Besides, the body can survive while missing 80% of the intestines, one kidney, one lung, eyes, ears, and nose. Your life will be far from easy without some of these organs, but it’s fascinating to know our body can still function without them!




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