The man who can replace Prosenjit Chatterjee – None other than The Mahanayak Prosenjit Chatterjee, Khawto is going to be another Box Office Myth

Khawto - Prosenjit & Paoli
Khawto - Prosenjit & Paoli

We are really spellbound after seeing the official trailler of “ক্ষত” #Khawto The Wound. This man Prosenjit our Bumba Da has decided he will set the limit for modern Heroes and if any one found near by;by any chance he will set the bar far above for  the next level.

Despite of glamour with bold frames still the attention goes to “Nirbed Lahiri” the main protagonist and none other than “Himalaya of Tollywood” Boomba Da,

No more talks just see why this is going to be a another block buster after Praktan. So, One man can replace modern Mahanayak he himself none other has the chance. You you go by the number system 1 to 10 will be Mr. Prosenjit Chatterjee then other will start finding their place. Such Bold and Beautiful Physical intimate show that to realistic in all aspect will make you feel sensuous. All the best Bumba Da for another Global Hit from your nest.


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