NSG Hope for India lit up again – Mexico Proposed, China Opposed for another round of NSG meeting for non NPT member’s entry

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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First innings may have a disappointment for India but sudden developments at NSG group has changed the future a big way.

What was complete lost game to becoming a member of the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group during its plenary in Seoul,South Korea this week, but its hopes of opening the door for joining the group this year are still very much alive.

Despite of China’s strong opposition to India, on Mexcio’s request the NSG has decided to meet again some time later this year to discuss the process for allowing non NPT signatories like India, into the group. Sources say the suggestion of Mexico for another meeting came forward and that was instantly opposed by China. But those objections Group set aside.

The NSG has set up a panel for informal consultations on India’s membership. This panel will be headed by Argentine Ambassador Rafael Grossi and team will decide the inclusion process.

A senior US official had told PTI on Friday that there is “a path forward” for India to become full member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group by the end of the year, saying, “We are confident that we have got a path forward by the end of this year”.

“It needs some work. But we are confident that India would be a full member of the (NSG) regime by the end of the year,” the official told PTI on condition of anonymity.

China,New Zealand and Ireland halted India’s attempts to become a member during the NSG’s Seoul plenary. Other countries like Switzerland and Brazil also raised issues regarding setting a common criteria for non-NPT states, along with discussing India’s bid.

The NSG’s special meeting later this year gives India another window but China remains a challenge. Before year end meets we need to make sure that all imports from China needs to be canceled and let’s create Financial Embargo in China.i After all India should not finance her opponent to stood against her.

Beijing must understand one sixth of humanity and the oldest culture of the world is not at all at mercy of anyone in the world. But for that political consensus is required at home.

Also China must understand that with out Indian Market their economy will crash, so not to harm Indian interest under any wrong notion. India is a responsible country and will remain so in future.

Our attempt may have failed this time but that does not mean efforts has failed.

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