Chinese Wall Stopped India for NSG membership – US hopeful for India’s joining in a years time

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi
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Early on Friday morning, India was dropped by the NSG members as applicant for new NSG member position, the verdict from Seoul was announced: India was denied entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). Many would be disappointed as the outcome is not at all as per expectation of all out effort from Mr.Modi and his team,but on the contrary it was quite expected who understands the international game well.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

China will not like any one becomes her contemporary in terms of economic or political mights in Asia. Exactly this is the case where Beijing played the role of the Dragon. Fire has been blown at chances of Indian dream for NSG. Indian admission to the nuclear high table would bring the South Asian country on a par with itself. Additionally, it would put India in a position of advantage over China’s client, Pakistan.

Although India insists that its application was foiled by one obstinate country, other reports suggest that Austria, Brazil, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Turkey all supported a process-based entry. Turkey may have been keeping an eye on Israel while China is the largest trading partner for Brazil and New Zealand. According to diplomats, accession to the NPT was the recurring theme during the negotiations.

Technically, the NSG is a consensus-based body and it does not have rules, at least not legally binding ones. Furthermore, as Indian diplomats have repeatedly pointed out, France joined the NSG while not a member of the NPT. Nonetheless, if the sense of the group has now changed to requiring NPT membership, there is very little that India can do about it. However, given the support for India’s candidacy, that does not seem to be the sense.

Even if China supported other would also do that same is very unlikely.
Now India must prepare for the next year well before with no luck try with China. Nehru and Modi both had faith that China will support at least will not oppose but Chinese friends had done the same what they did with Indian in 60s

Let us do one thing stop using Chinese products and not to make any major import from China. Let us suffer for few months and see if the Dragon feels the heat. Mr. Modi and team find the alternate source of import and put the pressure on China. Some people started talking in this line as well.

Let’s see how Iron Man Modi plans for Chinese Dragon.



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