Tripura Putra Sujit Bhowmik – Pride of India, A life dedicated to innovation and society

Subrata Maitra Memorial Evening- Press Club Kolkata 3
Subrata Maitra Memorial Evening- Press Club Kolkata 3
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

North East has given many great person to be admired by rest of India and the world. One such name is Mr. Sujit Bhowmik, an Ex-Teacher by profession but outright innovator,writer & social worker for the cause of humanity.

We meet with him during the press meet of late Dr. Subrata Moitra’s condolence meeting.

Mr. Bhowmik gave an spirited speech about Doctors and their responsibility to the society in the light of Dr. Subrata Moitra.

Very next day we had a one to one discussion about many facet of his illustrated life dedicated for innovation of many theory in contemporary society. He had written many scientific papers in international journals with wide spread areas of science and technology.

Be it a aviation industry which was his long cherished dream to be a fighter pilot but could not pursue due to medical height constraint. So he dedicated his life for working around aviation and aircraft. His theory of anti bird collision was implemented at each airport in way back 1981 by Anti Bird hazard committee.

He had written many books on science fictions one such short story is on “Artificial Moon” a concept perhaps can only be thought by a Westerner.

Though he is not limited by English and scientific fictions only but also he has written a book on Babu Jaghjeevan Ram a famous leader of the Dalits in India. despite being not from a dalits family he has been honored as the one of the key person for Dalit Association in Tripura.

Sujit Da and his wife both are helping each other to support the society. Their Son is now a one of the leading IT engineer and a nice young man.

Sujit Bhowmik in a quick look:

Sujit Bhowmik in a Nut Shell
Sujit Bhowmik in a Nut Shell

We will share some great write up as he has promised us to be our Tripura man for our readers.

His sister Sandhya Di what we call her with respect is also a strong cultural person with her own poetry in Bengali and she was also a well known person in her fraternity for her literary works.

Both the brother and sister are representative of Bengali culture at Tripura. Some of her works has been published but the main book which gave her the accolade was on Manik Bandopadhyay and his works. She also had published books name “Sandhya Namar Pore”