Tsunami Survival POD – Protection POD invented for 2 to 16 people capsule

Tsunami - Survival POD
Tsunami - Survival POD
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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Almost 20,000 people were killed when an earthquake triggered a tsunami that engulfed the northeast coast of Japan in 2011. Engineers in the US believe they have refined a way to protect lives during such events: survival capsules.

Incredible ‘Survival Capsule’ could save lives after devastating tsunamis.

The pods are designed to save possible 16 people and remain water tight while allowing those inside the breathe fresh air to survive.

Youtube video of a potentially life-saving invention shows how protective capsules saves victims of tsunamis.

A British inventor designed the survival pods which could save thousands of lives if such a natural disaster was to occur.


This compact two-person capsules are an aircraft-grade aluminium metal shell and covered with ceramic thermal blanket which protects occupants from fires as well.

During emergency crawl inside the protective ball and fixed yourself with the harness into a secure seat and you are safe.

Testing video of Survival Capsule, showing the invention being tested out throughly.

The large ball, costing around £10,000 for a two-man, is placed inside a container of water, with the user continuing to breath via air vents, despite the capsule remaining water-tight. Even 16 people version is also ready for larger family of community service.

The pods are fitted with harnessed seats, medical kits, air tanks, food and water and are designed to protect people, rather than help them escape.

Inventor and CEO of Survival Capsule, London-born Julian Sharpe who now lives in Washington , said:

“The capsule’s aim is to allow people to ride out the tsunami rather than evacuate.

“It’s designed to be installed in people’s garages or on a flat roof and tethered to a solid structure meaning the capsule then becomes your shelter during the post-tsunami phase.

“This will help take the burden off the rescue teams and allow them to focus on the critical casualties.”


The pods are currently being manufactured in Japan, where and 8-9 magnitude earthquake is predicted to hit in the next 10 years, which could potentially trigger a massive Tsunami.

Survival POD - Tsunami
Survival POD – Tsunami




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