Lion Chasing Baby in a Zoo – A 400 pound lion at a zoo in Chiba, Japan Jumps at Kid

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

Lion attempts to POUNCE on little boy but slams into glass
Lion hits glass trying to get little boy
Camera catches zoo lion lunging at toddler and face-planting on glass wall
Lion at Japan zoo tries to paw boy through glass
WATCH: Boy has close encounter with lion at zoo
Lion smashes against glass enclosure at Japan zoo after staring contest with boy

ZOO NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD – If you own a cat, you know that they crouch down and pounce while playing.

The same thing was caught on tape, but with a much larger cat – a 400 pound lion at a zoo in Chiba, Japan.

A two-year-old boy got a very close encounter when the lion lunged, after the boy turned his back.

The good news is that a glass wall was separating the two when the lion pounced, smashing his face into the wall.

The glass wall is only about a month old, allowing lions to see their human visitors more closely than ever before.

Zookeepers say the lion acts similarly each time he sees a small child, and simply wants to play with them.

Do you think the lion was just playing?

Either way, it’s a good thing that glass wall is thick!

Meanwhile, at a Belgium zoo, the birth of a baby panda, which looks more like a hairless rat, is being called a miracle.

Just three months after announcing that mother panda Hao Hao was inseminated, she was seen carrying her tiny newborn cub in her mouth.

Officials at Pairi Daiza Zoo say less than 2,000 pandas remain in the wild, and that panda births in captivity are very rare.

Finally, an orphaned baby gorilla at the Louisville Kentucky Zoo is searching for a new mom.

3-month-old Kindi weighs just six-and-a-half pounds.

Her mother died during her birth, so zookeepers wear a furry gorilla vest while feeding and playing with Kindi, .

“She’s reaching a lot of milestones. She has two teeth now, and we wear a furry vest all the time, and we’re trying to have her learn what it’s like to be a gorilla,” said Zoo Assistant Mammal Curator Jill Kakta.

The zoo staff stays with Kindi 24 hours a day, hoping that one of their female gorillas can soon become her surrogate mom.

It’s a scene that wouldn’t look out of place in a game of ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’.
A heart-stopping video from Chiba, Japan shows a little boy turning his back on a lion enclosure only for the cat to charge forward and pounce – only stopped by the glass wall.
The adorable tot, just two-years-old can be seen watching the male lion crouching by the rock at the back of the large class-enclosed space.

Remarkably the boy doesn’t run away, he simply spins around to face the lion, his hand held out as he stumbles backward.
Maybe in his childish innocence he thought the big cat was just trying to come and play.
According to zookeepers the lion reportedly weighs more than 400lbs. They claim he often gets excited when he sees small children and wants to play with them.

The glass display was set up in April to enable visitors to get a closer look at the majestic animals.
Online commentators have been astounded at the footage.
‘It’s an amazing video. Just the instinct of the lion as soon the kid’s back was turned. Just goes to show you…’

The lion had been locked in a staring contest with the youngster but when the two-year-old looked away the big cat pounced