Didi Protested Against Central Government Tax load – Adhaar Card and other DBT is not reaching all

Mamata Bengerjee - Second Government Oath 17
Mamata Bengerjee - Second Government Oath 17

Didi,Mamata Banerjee,the Chief Minister of West Bengal opened her voice today and hit out at the Centre for “increasing tax burden” on people and making Aadhaar card mandatory for getting benefit of various government schemes.

Ms Banerjee said expenses were increasing for the people by means of service tax and cess.

if we look at present cost for eating out it is like this

After introducing the 0.5% Swachh Bharat Cess in November, the Union Finance Minister announced in this year’s Budget that the government would levy a Krishi Kalyan Cess to finance activities related to agriculture and build a fund for the welfare of the farmers.

What your bill will look like

Starting today, here’s what the breakdown of the bill at a Delhi restaurant will look like:

*Total food bill: Rs 1,000
*Service charge (taken at 10%): Rs 100
*Subtotal: 1,100
*Service tax to be levied on 40% of the bill amount: 14% of 400 = Rs 56
*Swachh Bharat Cess (0.5% of 400): Rs 2
*Krishi Kalyan Cess (0.5% of 400 – for other services it’s 0.5% of total bill amount): Rs 2
*Value Added Tax (12.5% of subtotal): Rs 137.5
Total amount payable: 1,000+100+56+2+2+137.5= Rs 1297.50

A total 300 Rupees tax approx on your per 1K bill amount.
Even the bill for mediclaim raised from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 30,000, she said and criticised the Centre for Aadhaar cards, saying that 20-30 per cent people still did not have the cards and they will not get the benefits for the inefficiency of others.

She said poor people would be deprived of the benefits and money from government schemes if they don’t have the card.

After the first administrative review meeting of the new government, Didi said she had given clear orders to restart all development work which was on hold for months due to the Assembly polls.

In the last financial year 2015-16, the state plan expenditure budget was Rs. 49,507 crore but the actual expenditure was Rs. 53,010 crore.

“In other states the total amount of planned expenditure funds is not spent but we exceeded by 15 per cent,” she said, adding there is no such instance of actual plan expenditure surpassing the budgeted figure in the last 20 years.

For the new financial year 2016-17, the finance department has released Rs. 11,573 crore for which directions were issued to take steps for their immediate utilization.

In 2010-11, the plan expenditure was around Rs. 14,000 crore which has increased by nearly four times to Rs. 53,010 crore now.

Moreover, the budgeted figure of Rs. 49,507 crore was itself higher than the actual of previous year i.e. Rs. 39,444 crore by over 25 per cent.

On health issues, the chief minister said two districts is of concern namely Uttar Dinajpur and Malda which are lagging behind in institutional delivery.

State new Power Minister Sovandeb Chatterjee said the state-run West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited has launched a new mobile app for payment of bills.

“By 2016 all government offices should be running on solar power and by this year we want to achieve 100 per cent rural electrification,” he said.


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