And Those Kebabs Kept On Coming!

Display At Unlimited Kebab Festival.
Display At Unlimited Kebab Festival.
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How often have you thought of nibbling all the way through, price withstanding, from a restaurant menu laden with option of plenty? Well I certainly have. Precisely to that end The Palms Restaurant [19A, Megnad Saha Sarani (Southern Avenue)] is holding a festival where one can indulge to ones content and at a price that won’t come as a end-meal shocker.

Unlimited Kebab Festival is the game that allows one to choose from 40 kebab items – both veg and non-veg variants – 12 and 28 of them, respectively for a fixed price of 550 INR + tax. The menu holds in its gambit established meat-enthralls while adding quite a few more just for this occasion.

Naram Dil.
Naram Dil.

“We, as a family restaurant, are known for our kebabs and thought of putting up unlimited option for our patrons and fresh comers who can indulge without thinking about the price”, explained a resplendent Priyadarshini Dey, proprietor, justifying her name in a turquoise midi.

The proteins and the carbs are cooked very light and won’t cause for any upset of any kind. When asked to enunciate the display, world-traveled Exec Chef , Tandoor Section, Tapas Roy, broached upon Maharaja Tandoori Aloo (sweet and sour potato tandoor), Kumbh galawati (red-chili toss over fried mushroom), Naram Dil (curd, cottage cheese, green-pea mash coated with crunchy cornflakes crumb), Maharaja Tiranga (a tri-color delight) and such.

Protein heavy, no surprises there, there were some brow-raisers amongst the expected usual.

Malai Kebab
Malai Kebab

Take Kalmi (chicken-black pepper) for example or Murgh Banjara (chicken kebab a la Rajasthani). Real wonder surfaced down the line with two distinct strands.

Featured here were kebabs from Persia and 5 Mahis (Maharastrian for fish). Persian ones – Koobideh, Sultani Irani, Joojeh, would be dry as per actual recipes, so don’t expect tropical intervention. “We keep it authentic and don’t go for fusion to perpetrate false understanding”, affirmed Dey.

The festival carries on till June 10.

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