Manmohan Singh was the Guarantor for Vijay Mallya – No not Ex PM but a Poor Farmer of UP Strange but Ture

Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya, Chairman of Kingfisher Airlines
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Did you ever faced charges from Banks as you have stand a guarantor for some body who has defaulted and you need to pay the loan.

Yes if you have done you have to but think of a situation when you have not and still bank charged you for the crime!!!

Exactly that has happened with a poor farmer Manmohan Singh, a resident of Khajuria-Nibiram in Pilibhit district’s Bhilsanda block, is a farmer who owns eight acres of farm land. He has an account in the Nandgaon Branch of Bank of Baroda. He also had a farming loan account in the bank after he borrowed Rs. 4 lakh.

Suddenly he found his account has been locked and in connection to King of Good Times Vijay. According to the Banks HO Man Mohan Singh stud as guarantor for Mallya’s Multi Million Loan!!!.

Here we would like to inform the readers Ex Prime Minister of India was also Man Mohan Singh. The doubt is did bank checked the background of the poor man of Pilibhit or just ‘MMS’

Vijay Mallya Guarantor-Man Mohan Singh Pilhibit-farmer
Vijay Mallya Guarantor-Man Mohan Singh Pilhibit-farmer

was too heavy for them to go for a check when the person taking loan is an MP and Key businessman of Indian and world context. Bank of Baroda now have to face the probe why they given public money on the guarantee of a person who does not event worth that much to support Vijay Mallya.

Recently, Mr. Singh found out that the bank has frozen both his accounts. Surprised as he had paid back Rs. 32000 just before the freezing of the account, after he queried the bank manager wanting to know the reason for blacklisting him.

Utterly surprised by the answer from bank, he was told the Mumbai branch requested to frozen the account as he had stood as guarantor to Vijay Mallya, from whom banks are seeking to recover over Rs. 9,000 Crore in bad debts.
Even in day dream of MM Singh he was not see the Vijay Mallya in his lifetime except in news, After a lot of effort, he managed to convince the local branch manager how he can be a guarantor to a multi-millionaire borrower like Mallya, Does he has that worth.

Local manager understood that miss leading information has been issued to bank ;he  wrote back to the Mumbai branch, asking them for permission to de-freeze Singh’s accounts. Finally on Friday, the Mumbai branch responded positively, asking the Nandgaon branch to open Singh’s accounts.

Bank of Baroda officials in Mumbai was not available for comment.However, Nandgaon Branch Manager Mangeram told the Press :

“It is surprising that a small farmer was shown as a guarantor of Vijay Mallya.”

King of Good Times Vijay Mallya has been on the run since March 2, when public sector lenders to whom he owed more than Rs. 9,000 crore moved the Debt Recovery Tribunal against him. If this fake guarantor issue found to be a consent step from Mallya side he will have big time trouble as intentional fraud.

So if document of Mr. Man Mohan Singh (Farmer) has been used then surely Bank officials are guilty and it is an internal Nexus.

Becareful when you give documents to any one for Mobile of any other purpose write a unique serial number on the copy and keep a track of the serial whom you have given and for what purpose with his contact details.

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