Transformation of an Icon Mamata Banerjee, Mamata, Didi – All road leads to Kalighat in West Bengal

Mamata Fans
Mamata Fans
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I saw Mamata Banerjee in a tragic condition it was Hazra More and I was returning from a friend’s House when Badsha Alam a notorious goon tried to killed her and she was rushed to hospital for life saving treatment. The sight instantly marked a deep cut in my conscious that what it is in the politics which does not even spare a young lady to survive. The girl was Mamata Banerjee and Time was Red Sun never sets in Bengal.

Why I am trying to remember some incident of long past event when today is all TMC and Didi to celebrate the win over the collective effort to over throwing her? Reason is clear we need to understand transformation of an icon Mamata Banerjee to Mamata and then “Our Didi”, Yes many prefers her to worship then love, some still hate some oscillating either side but none can ignore her.

Journey of a girl from Kalighat to New Delhi and then Writers to Nabanna was a long story with much eventful chapters which history to rewrite.

When election of 2016 declared many TMC ground workers was confused about the alliance between Congress and CPIM and BJP factors. Some even feared Didi herself may lose.

Many story started to float Mukul Roy will do the spoil boy role and damage the election. Some said Narada and Sarada will destroy the prospect of TMC but you cannot stop an euphoria.

Vini vidi vici that’s the story for Mamata.

Surya Kanta Mishra or Adhir Choudhury cannot match her in any respect and that has proved in this election.

Those feels People do not love her they are wrong in assumption you can be angry over your own daughter but you cannot dump her and exactly that has happened in Bengal. Maa, Mati Manush all stand behind her to say if we are with you no one can stop you.

CPIM and Congress needs to introspect why people do not accepted their Alliance.

But for now all is Mamata and Didi to rule for next five years.

Development which has started after 34 years will take a new height in Bengal Mamata told Press after winning is confirmed from the trends.

Mamata congratulated National Press and International Press for their impartial stand during election.

29th May 2016 may be the oath taking ceremony will happen. This 10days will be celebration in a peaceful way.

Just see the Picture take during 2011 Oath taking day of Didi and the euphoria around her magic till continues.


Picture : Suman Munshi

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