Madan Mitra Lost the Election – Now it is the Time for Cleaning of Party Soul and Mind for TMC

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav

The biggest USP of Mamata Banerjee in 2011 Election was Honest and Hard working leader and future of Bengal.

But in 2016 election part of media and people was against her party men for alleged role in corruption. Narada & Sarada was so big issue that every one thought this time fight is even and any side can win. With Ministers and Key man of TMC Madan Mitra in Jail it was not at all a rosy picture, credential of honesty was all time low!!! At least section of media thought so.All round campaign went for Narada and Sarada scam, even personal attack was on in political debates.

But people of Bengal had some thing else in mind. Mamata Banerjee still the name for them to be trusted for ruling Bengal than any alliance.

Even if some was confused and not convinced for voting for TMC had to Change the mind as Didi was the lead face and people still trust her.

But they sent a clear message to all by defeating Madan Mitra a strong party man loyal Didi candidate. This time we want cleaning up of TMC from the core and all should stand by Didi to remove the goons and associates  of corruption stinted power houses.

Didi herself knows this is required but task is to like amputation of a vital organ and recreating the replacement.

A large number of opportunist will come up to shake the base again but Didi have to be strong to say no in the first place.

She will have to win the heart of dedicated honest people in Government and Party to through the goons out of context.

A Big congratulation came from all sector to Didi some of the featured message are here.