New Apollo Clinic at Barrackpore

Madhuri Tanneru, Senior Official from Apollo, flanked by Director-duo, Manoj Agarwal(l) and Sanjiv Kothari, inaugurating Apollo Clinic at Barrackpore.
With an aim to extend the proven expertise and faith to the inhabitants of of 24 Parganas North, and as far as Nadia and Hoogly, Apollo Clinic, launched a state-of the art multi-service facility at Barrackpore. “In keeping with the income-profile of our immediate neighborhood we have kept the service charges as low as possible”, said Manoj Agarwal, joint-Director of the outlet with Sanjiv Kothari, the other Director nodding in approval.
Shil Bhadra Dutta- Hon.MLA of Barrackpore Constituency, Arjun Singh, Hon. MLA of Bhatpara Constituency, Shree Uttam Das, Hon. Chairman of Barrackpore Municipality &  Madhuri Tanneru- Senior Official from Apollo were guests at the opening.
Lamp-lighting Ceremony At Apollo Clinic, Barrackpore
There will be 100 plus doctors in the rooster with 11 of them available at any one time in the clinic. The services include specialist consultation, diagnostics, preventive health checks and pharmacy, all under one roof, along with additional supports such as counseling on various lifestyle parameters. Depending on the gravitas of the case patients will be referred to Apollo, Chennai.
This clinic will have all of individual patient’s record online and one need not bring in physical copies in repeat visits.
 The clinic at Barrackpore is located at 66/92, Barasat Road, near wireless gate, Barrackpore. 

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