Debarati Dazzes Up Ethno-wear with Debonair Fashion

Debonair Fashion Innaugurated By Indrani Halder, Rachna Jayasheel Ghosh, Debarati Dutta And Others.
Feeble imagination cradled by mediocrity dictates all is lost if one makes entry at show-end.  So a silken glib directed at me at my late-arrival at the launch of Debonair Fashion, had me to restraint my conniption. The true show, you see, had just begun.Indrani Halder & Debararti Dutta
Indrani Halder, the only celeb still left, after Rachna Banerjee, Ananya Chatterjee and Pallabi Chatterjee had concluded their presence, effervescent in her mirth was eye-sweeping the display. I took my soft voice to her: “What is your feeling ..” “Feeling bad that I can’t but right now”, was her booming repartee. And with that her gaze fell upon a peach Madhubani (12000 INR), then to a blue silk shibori (12000 INR) and few glances later ultimately settled on a red and cream Patli Pallu (2500 INR). When the matter was to be sculpt in stone, her scan and decision shifted to a multi-color tussar Madhubani (12000 INR). I heard my same soft-voice drop: “So now how are you feeling?. “I’m feeling very good actually”, opined the contended lady with a pat on my arms.     
Ever the ready actress she held a mock conversation with Debarati Dutta, the owner-designer. How did you get this idea? She asked. DD replied,” Well folk weaves specially Madhubani are already existing but I find a drab color palette ascribed to them. I wanted to set such design-patterns against a dazzling pastel or fluorescent shades “. The designs will not only be noticed, the younger generation will take an interest in it too”. But the price is a bit high, isn’t it, queried Indrani. “Yes but all innovative things comes at a price, also each saree takes upto 3 months to complete”. Debarati has accorded the same color-spin to south-indian textiles like Kanchivaram, Chennai silk too.Indrani Halder, Rachna Banerjee & Pasllabi Chatterjee
For those who think Debonair is masculine, Dutta is quick to point out it also means elegance and can be applicable to females too. Also Debonair stars with first three letters of my name.
Though not a trained designer, both her grandfather who was into jewellery business and later, her father, Amar Ghosh, inheritor of the business had inculcated in her a sense of style, individuality and enterprise.  It surfaced as ‘Dream Pearls’, when she was 19 and eventually segued in this boutique. “It was my dream for 8-9 years to open a store like this.” “Do notice the patwar at the corner” said she before disappearing in the whirl of further conversations.
Price of sarees starts from Rs. 300 and above while price of Costume Jewellery starts from Rs.100 and above.

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