Chip Suto Char, Myth Of Casting Couch On Screen

Chip Suto Char
Azadi Ka Amrit Mahoutsav
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With a theme like this wouldn’t few or several (sic) steamy scenes be convenient.

Fret not they are there – a bait to lure gullible spectators.

Chip Suto Char by Sushanta Saha deals with exploitation that is rampant in the industry specially for females chasing elusive famed and fortune.

Now remember this is a film, so ubiquitous plight of such women in the film industry makes way for women who are confident, have things in their control, are not afraid to take risk and most importantly who can retaliate.

The film advocates end of exploitation of women and those who intend to exploit to be cautious of facing dire consequences.

The film stars relatively newcomers – Kakon, Tania, Debolina, Sharmistha and Mou Baidya , Gaurav Ghoshal and Joy Bhattacharya who besides playing lead has written the story, screenplay, dialogues and also produced the film along with Susanta Saha and Satwik Swain.

One can only hope there was no transgression on their own advocacy.

Poster - Chip Suto Char And Baromasya

[Pics By Rajib Mukherjee]

Baromasya, a bengali film was also announced.

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