Shop open on Trust of People’s Ethical mindset : First Trust shop of Chennai and Bangalore is a New way to set things Right

First Trust
First Trust - No Need to pay Now

Believe it or not where the world needs surveillance cameras for protection of shops from shop lifters, we got a shop chain believes otherwise

After Bangalore at Chennai’s first Trust Shop where you can pick up what need without paying any thing. Yes Pay at any time take what you need.

Inside Rani Meyammai Towers, a gated community in the plush MRC Nagar locality, is Chennai’s first Trust Shop.

An initiative taken by Bangalore based iD Fresh Food, the Trust Shop — A refrigerator that stocks fresh idli-dosa batter, parota, cold foods and chappatis a place where you can pick what you need and pay whenever you want to pay.

This first-of-its-kind concept is based on trust, a value that the company wants to promote. After a good response in Bangalore, which has 17 such shops currently, the Company trusts Chennai to take to the concept too.

“The shop works at two levels — trust is obviously the main factor… we hope that people picking up the goods will eventually pay, depending on their convenience,” explains Dinesh Kumar, marketing head, “Also, we plan to position such outlets inside gated communities and corporates to make it accessible to those in need.”

As off now they are having good experience and almost 90% people are paying and sometime people are paying for old dues as well.

Well this might be the honest fellow moving in to your shop but be aware of people who had some other way  standards in ethical grounds.

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