A new star, detective Agni Mitra was born yesterday with the launch of Sourabh Mukherjee’s maiden psychological thriller “In the Shadows of Death”.

Left to Right: Amrita Mukherjee,Antara Banerjee,Subodh Sarkar,Sourav Mukherjee,Reetasri Ghosh
Left to Right: Amrita Mukherjee,Antara Banerjee,Subodh Sarkar,Sourav Mukherjee,Reetasri Ghosh

Kudos to author Sourabh Mukherjee for the marvelous text and the texture of the language and lovely storytelling in his book. That is what renowned poet and academician, Professor Subodh Sarkar had to say about Sourabh’s debut publication, In The Shadows of Death.

Ahava Communications, in association with Starmark, hosted the launch event in the presence of some eminent personalities like renowned poet & eminent professor Subodh Sarkar, journalist, blogger & author of the novel Exit Interview Amrita Mukherjee , Anatara Banerjee an author, poet, artist & the moderator of the discussion, Reetasri Ghosh, director of Ananta Aspen Centre.

The formal launch of the book was followed by a highly engaging panel discussion touching on various aspects of the book. Professor Subodh Sarkar spoke eloquently about the history and the changing style of writing thrillers and congratulated Sourabh for not only writing a thriller but also making relevant observations and commentary on contemporary society.

Author Antara Banerjee, the moderator of the discussion, raised pertinent points about the book to which the panel responded with brilliant observations and comments. Everyone had only praises to shower on Sourabh, congratulating him on his deft handling of the subject and his command over the language.

The issue of Sexuality in office and work spaces is not an unexplored theme but Sourabh’s handling of the subject certainly is. We generally find women being the victims of such harassment but in this book, it is the women in powerful positions who lead the way to evil. In the rapidly changing scenario of the corporate world, women now hold positions of at decision makers and call the shots. In such situations, is there anything to stop them from exploitin men in vulnerable positions? That is the key question, author Sourabh Mukherjee lobs at his audience through this book.

Author Amrita Mukherjee also shared her thoughts about the book and discussed why she thinks this book is a thriller with a difference. Avid lover of thrillers, Reetashri Ghosh, readout her favourite section from the book and shared her own insights on its mystery quotient. She contended that the mind of the criminal was explored with chilling observations and behavior patterns of the criminal.

Last but not the least, when Prof. Subodh Sarkar praised the author regarding the language and texture of the book, and spoke about the changing style of writing thrillers by drawing the reference of eminent Italian author Umberto Eco and its evolution in last 36 years. In his characteristic emphatic style, the professor, explained the difference between modern & post-modern thrillers and pointed out how Sourabh Mukherjee’s “In The Shadows of Death” has become a thriller with a different dimension and exceeded the boundaries of its own genre.

The discussion left only one thing to the audience in the end was- To buy the book and enjoy its powerful narrative.

Edited and recomposed by : Antara Banerjee

With inputs from : Animesh Roy

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