New Philips 43-inch Display with 4K UHD Resolution and 4K MultiView Feed


Largest display yet in Philips 4K UHD display line-up – UltraClear 4K UHD resolution for greater precision and detail – MultiView 4K for four systems on one screen

MMD, the leading technology company and complete license partner for Philips Monitors,
announces a brand new addition to the line-up of Philips 4K extremist HD displays. At forty three inches, the most recent show is that the largest within the range so far, and delivers identical sensible 4K UHD viewing expertise, detail and preciseness as its siblings. This extra-large desktop provides professionals with more room than ever to figure. With MultiView 4K support, it’s conjointly doable to stream input from four totally different sources at the same time while not compromising on the sense of area that a show of this size creates on the desktop.

Quadruple clarity and extra productivity

The new BDM4350UC Philips show utilizes superior boards to convey UltraClear 4K UHD pictures: at 3840 x 2160 pixels, this is four times the determination of Full HD, and four times the clarity

Space to spread out: 43-inch desktop

“The latest addition to the 4K line-up testifies to the ongoing commitment of Philips and MMD to making the viewing experience more productive and brilliant than ever. With this 43-inch display on their desk, users have more space to enjoy the clarity and brilliance of the 4K UHD viewing experience,”

comments Albert Ulfman, Product Manager Philips monitors Europe at MMD.

MultiView technology for 4K

With 43 inches of 4K UHD screen space available, there is plenty of room to work on multiple windows and applications side-by-side. Ideal for situations when information has to be viewed and processed simultaneously from multiple sources, the MultiView feature enables users to stream input from up to four systems, and show four Full HD windows on the screen at one time.

Supersized connectivity

With 43 inches of 4K UHD screen space accessible, there is a lot of space to chip away at various windows and applications one next to the other. Perfect for circumstances when data must be seen and handled all the while from various sources, the MultiView highlight empowers clients to stream info from up to four frameworks, and show four Full HD windows on the screen at one time.

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