A view on Digital Business Transformation: How it’s changing the business landscape?

UBIN - Digital Business
UBIN - Digital Business

Digital business is transforming industries and organizations.

Gartner’s survey of “leading” Enterprises, who have transformed their Enterprise Architecture (EA) to leverage emerging bleeding –end digital technologies ,shows how they are leading digital business transformation, and how enterprise architecture will evolve to add business value.

Here are some key findings of the survey for the benefit of IBG New readers:

  • Digital business is transforming industries and organizations in unexpected ways — introducing new business models and technologies. There are no certain answers, and organizations must adopt an iterative learning approach to digital business.
  • Enterprise architecture (EA) must evolve to support digital business, incorporating new models and approaches, becoming more focused on supporting innovation, and developing new competencies within the EA team.
  • Digital business takes place in the business ecosystem of people, things and other organizations. As the organization is embedded in this business ecosystem, an “ecosystem architecture” is vital to the ability to deliver digital business.

I personally of the opinion that adoption of digital business platform with the blend of Video is going to be define the future face of business processes across industries and businesses.


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