Manyavar Welcomes Mohey Into Its Family

Candid moment between the two stars
Candid moment between the two stars

Actor Parambrata Chatterjee briskly marched in with his industry-colleague, Mimi Chakraborty and announced humorously, “I’m not the right person for this. I’m not married – no one is marrying me! But then my being here may be appropriate – when I get married, this place may be most suitable to me.” Drama unfolded in dollops during an announcement that saw Mohey ushered in the family gambit of Manyavar, India’s foremost ethnic wear brand for men.
Manyavar, which is known for its lavish Wedding Wear besides its signature Ethnic Wear, Party Wear and Accessories for men, has now forayed into the women’s wedding couture.
Why such a delay? Explaining exclusively to IBG NSA, Manoj Agarwal, Franchisee and Showroom Owner of 13, Lindsay Street, outlet, said, “We first created and settled into a family, then, felt the desire to bring in a female in our family”

While we were speaking, Manoj ‘s lovely daughter, Avni, joined in the explanation. She said, “Mohey, which means ‘mysef’ is attractive and pleasing. The collection speaks of elegance and grace and stands out from the crowd. Colors include bright hues like Royal Blue, Flamboyant Red, Festive Orange, Royal Yellow is created using Ethnic Raw Silk, Elegant Georgette, Royal Brocade, Delicate Net and Chiffons.”

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