Kolkata Police A Rare Human Face in Action,saves a road accident victim – A Million Salute to Traffic Sgt. Samarjit Singh


A Heart Touching post found in FaceBook page of Arnab Ghosh

21st April 2016, 00:45 hours, on the way back home from his post, at Ruby Crossing, Sgt. Samarjit Singh gets to see someone lying badly wounded at Eastern Metropolitan Bypass.. He immediately stops by and tries to stop any available cab in order to get the wounded to the nearest medical help. After several attempts he gets a cab and rushes with the wounded to AMRI Hospital.

Authorities of AMRI Hospital did not wish to admit the wounded mentioning that it is an accident case.

Sgt. Samarjit Singh using his authority convinces to start the initial level of treatment of the wounded. AMRI Hospital staff informs that the wounded needs to be shifted to ICU, but they do not have a vacant bed in ICU.

Sgt. Samarjit Singh asks the AMRI Hospital staff either to make an alternate option available or to contact any nearby hospital. AMRI Hospital Staff did contact Columbia Asia Hospital and the wounded was shifted to Columbia Asia Hospital, and the treatment is in process for Mr. Naresh Sharma, aged between 25-30 years, resident of Kaikhali, near NSCBI Airport, who is doing good at Columbia Asia Hospital..

Sgt. Samarjit Singh immediately informed the family members of Mr. Naresh Sharma.

Sgt. Samarjit Singh not only saved that individual, who was returning home from work, but he saved a family..

Sgt. Samarjit Singh is closely following up with the family members of Mr. Naresh Sharma, and has assured all help possible.

We often use this page to raise our complaints, grudges against Kolkata Traffic Police personnel.

This is something which is highly commendable, deserves respect and honor.

Fabulous job done, Sgt. Samarjit Singh.

Disclaimer: Source of the Story FaceBook Post not validated

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