Mamata Banerjee at Singur promised : It is our commitment to return the land in Singur

    Mamata Banerjee
    Mamata Banerjee

    It is our commitment to return the land in Singur: Mamata Banerjee at Singur

    Mamata Banerjee addressed a huge rally today in Singur. She spoke about the time when she tirelessly fought for the rights of the people of Singur and the development that Singur has witnessed in the last five years

    Speaking on development, Didi said “We deliver what we promise. This is evident from the development in Singur. Singur now has colleges, Kisan Bazars, ITIs, polytecnic colleges and Karma Tirtha”.

    “Singur is also very important from a political perspective. I shall never forget the incident of 25th September 2006. I fasted here for 26 days and did a dharna in Singur for 14 days more. It is known to all that the political struggle at Singur will remain history. Singur is the sacred site of farmer-land agitation. The struggle of Trinamool Congress began from the land of Singur”, she added.

    Seeking the people’s blessings, she said, “We shall return the land at Singur. This is our promise”. Didi also pointed out that the CBI had investigated the murder of Tapasi Malik, but they could not convict anyone.

    Didi urged the people to rest their faith and belief on her and said that no money could buy the love she has received in Singur.

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