BJP Complains to ECI for Rezzak Mollah TMC Leader’s ill comments on Roopa Ganguly

    Roopa Ganguly
    Roopa Ganguly

    Lord Krishna was there to protect Draupadi of Mahabharata but who will protect Roopa Ganguly in this Bharata from ill comments by her opponent in this election in West Bengal.

    This famous actress who played the iconic role of Draupadi wife of Five Pandavas in the blockbuster television serial Mahabharata, has been attacked will ill intent by the Ex-CPIM now TM leader Rezzak Mollah, Ms. Ganguly is now a leading face of BJP Women Leaders of Bengal.

     “I know the length of the cigarettes she smokes” and “She really is Draupadi”

    some of the bad and offensive remarks made by Rezzakh Mollah which indicates a bad personal character of a lady in the context.

    Ms Ganguly told , “This is just one example of what the Chief Minister and her party are doing to the women in Bengal”

    Women activists including iconic legendary actoress Aparna Sen urged CM Ms Banerjee to prove her commitment to protecting women’s rights by penalizing Mr Mollah for his comments.
    The BJP, Ms Ganguly’s party, already complained about his statements, made on a Bengal local television channel, to the Election Commission and has asked for “the strictest action” to prove a point.

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